We Stand For Happiness!

Rainbow T-Shirt "Felicidad"

The search for happiness has always been a constant in the history of humankind. Countless philosophers, thinkers and scientists have dedicated their lives to solving the mystery of happiness.

What gives us happiness? Each person will give a different answer.

Does money bring happiness? Most would say no, but recently studies have been published that say it does.

The definition of happiness is probably also different for everyone depending on a multitude of influences.

But it seems that a very important factor for most people is to be able to externalise what they feel. Being who you really are or want to be without having to hide behind a mask; feeling free to express your identity without fear of reprisals, contribute to happiness.

That is why we believe it is crucial for a happier humanity, society and communities, and therefore happier people, to fight for the advancement of LGTBIQ+ rights. Because no one should have to hide who they are, how they feel and who they love. Because LGTBIQ+ rights concern everyone, whether they feel part of the collective or not.

Because LGTBIQ+ rights are human rights.

Our T-shirts with the letters “FELICIDAD” (Spanish for “Happiness”) in the colours of the rainbow represent the happiness that lies in the diversity of humankind and the world we live in.

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